South Lanarkshire Energy Academy

South Lanarkshire Energy Academy

The South Lanarkshire Energy Academy is an exciting initiative driven by South Lanarkshire Council aimed at developing the capacity of companies working in the construction and energy sectors, with jobs ranging from micro renewable equipment installers, high efficiency / biomass boiler installers, ground preparation operativesto wind turbine blade maintenance operatives.

This initiative, which has been launched in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and South Lanarkshire Council, will fund training courses in the energy and construction sectors delivered by South Lanarkshire and Motherwell colleges to residents of South Lanarkshire.  It will respond to the Government’s ‘Green Deal’ initiative and the Scottish Government’s Climate Change agenda in tackling skills gaps and skills shortages, developing new training courses and matching employment opportunities with local unemployed residents.

South Lanarkshire Council and key partners are keen to harness and drive forward economic growth to support expanding companies in growth sectors and selling to growth markets.

Excellent news for small to medium size businesses, with up to 250 employees,working in the energy and construction sectors


If you recruit an unemployed resident of South Lanarkshire, you may be entitled to a wage subsidy to the equivalent of 50% of the minimum wage for 26 weeks, funded by South Lanarkshire Council.

How it works

  • Participants must be 16+ and reside in South Lanarkshire
  • Your company can be located out-with the South Lanarkshire area
  • Participants must work at least 16 hours per week
  • Wage subsidy must be approved by South Lanarkshire Council prior to employment and the wage subsidy starting to be paid
  • The number of wage subsidies to be paid to a company may be limited to a specific number of participants
  • Paperwork must be completed before a participant starts employment
  • The subsidies will be allocated on a first come first serve basis

How can we help you?

If you are recruiting we can save you time and costs by:

  • Advertising your vacancies on our facebook and twitter pages
  • Matching your vacancy needs to our pool of job ready and immediately available students looking for employment
  • Organising and arranging employment interviews for you