Amended in 2000

1 Name
2 Aims & Objectives
3 Membership
4 Association Officers
5 Executive Committee
6 Finance
7 Elections
8 Removal from Office
9 Complaints Procedure
10 Student Association Bank Account
11 Cheque Signatories

The Governing Body (Board of Management) of South Lanarkshire College shall provide for and recognise the Student Association, within the terms of this constitution.

1 Name

The name of the Association shall be South Lanarkshire College – Student Association (hereinafter referred to as “The Association”).

2 Aims and Objectives

• To advance the education of its members.
• To encourage student societies, sports and social activities.
• To promote the general welfare of students.
• To organise trading activities for and on behalf of the members.
• To act as a channel of communication between its members and the College Management, staff and other bodies within the College.
• To promote contact and cooperation between its members and the academic and non-academic organisations.
• To provide opportunity for the expression of student opinion within the College on all matters of interest to students.

These aims and objectives shall be pursued without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or creed, independent of any political party or religious body.

3 Membership

All registered students of the College shall be members of the Association unless they have decided to relinquish their membership in accordance with the opt-out regulations.

3.1 Privileges of Membership

All Members shall:

• be eligible for membership of all affiliated clubs and societies of the Association.
• have attendance at all Association functions and use of all Association facilities and premises.
• be able to vote in elections and to attend meetings as provided hereunder.
• be able to stand for election as members of Council and/or as members of Executive; for appointment by Council to such committees of the College as the College may from time to time delegate in accordance with the schedules.

3.2 Suspension of Privileges

Any, or all of the privileges may be suspended with good and just reason by a two-thirds majority taken by the Union Council.


4 Association Officers

The Executive Committee of the Association will be:

Vice President
Equality Representative
Quality Enhancement Representative
International Representative
Health & Welfare Representative
Sports & Social Representative
PR & Marketing Representative

Other non-executive officers may be appointed as co-elected members.

5 The Executive Committee (EC)

The EC shall be responsible for the day to day running of the Association in accordance with the policies laid down by the Council.
The EC shall consist of Association Officers, elected in accordance with the Elections schedule.
The EC shall meet on a weekly basis, at a time convenient to the majority of the members.
The chair of the Executive Committee shall be the President.

The main functions of the Executive Committee shall be:

• To act as the trustees of the Association.
• To establish and review the work of executive officers and any sub-committees formed by the executive.
• To consider applications for recognition by clubs and societies.
• To establish and maintain good systems of financial control.
• To receive and act upon periodic management accounts.
• To prepare budget proposals for the Council.
• To act as the employing body for Association staff.
• To oversee the trading and social activities of the Association.
• To implement the decisions of the Council.
• To coordinate the representation of students within the College.
• To act as the official channel of communication between the Union and the College and other bodies.

In conjunction with the corporate responsibilities of an executive in committee, each individual Executive member shall have individual responsibilities as laid down in the job description schedule within the National Union of Students Manual.

6 Finance

The Association shall receive annually, an allocation of funds from the College sufficient in the view of the Governing Body to enable the Association to pursue its aims and objectives effectively.

The Association, acting with the Finance Manager and Student Services Manager within the College, shall be empowered, in pursuit of its aims and objectives to open a bank account in the name of South Lanarkshire College – Student Association. (See updated financial regulations).

The President, along with Vice President shall ensure that proper books of account are maintained and that these books shall be audited annually by a public accountant appointed by the College. 

The Association, acting through the Finance Manager and Student Services Manager, shall ensure that the annual budget, amendments to the budget, audited accounts and all necessary interim financial reports and proposals are submitted to the Council for discussion and approval.

The organisation of the Association finances and systems of control shall be laid down in the Financial Regulations.

7 Elections

Elections will take place at the beginning of October each year, or as instructed by the Student Services Manager.

 An interim committee will be appointed by Executive Members during the month of May, each year, in order for continuity of the Association over the summer months and up to election time.

The interim committee will organise elections, as stated in the Elections schedule.  At this time, the interim committee shall explain the election procedures to all students and then organise said elections.

8 Removal from Office

The President can be dismissed in either of the following ways:

• A two-thirds majority vote at a quorate meeting of the Association.
• By a majority vote in a ballot of all members.
• A no-confidence ballot may be either:
• A motion to Association members which receives the support of a majority of its members.
• By petition from 100 ordinary members of the Student Union.

For a vote of no confidence to be carried out to any Executive Member of the Association, it must receive the support of two-thirds of those present.

Members of the Association failing to attend three consecutive meetings of any kind which their membership of the Association requires them to attend, and who have failed to provide satisfactory apologies for their absence, shall be deemed to have resigned.
In the event of any position of office becoming vacant due to dismissal, then a by-election shall be arranged in accordance with the Election Schedule.

9 Complaints Procedure

Any complaints about any member of the executive committee shall be heard according to the regulations dealing with complaints. (NUS manual).

The Governing Body of South Lanarkshire College has recognised the need to update the Student Association Constitution, and has agreed with the contents.

10 Student Association Bank Account

In accordance with the proposed amendments to the Student Association Constitution and following consultation with NUS Representatives, Student Services and the College Finance Manager, the Student Association Executive Committee proposes that the Financial Regulations are amended to allow the Students? Association to operate a Bank Account.

The proposed Bank Account will be controlled jointly by the Association’s Executive Committee and representatives from the College with three named signatories from the Executive Committee and two named signatories from the College.

The Student Association also proposes that the signatories for the Committee shall be:

1 The President
2 The Vice President

The Student Association also proposes that the signatories for the College shall be:

1 The Head of Department – Student Services
2 The College Finance Manager

The Association also proposes that in order for a cheque to be issued, at least two members of the committee should provide written authorisation, plus one College signatory.

11 Student Association Bank Account – Cheque Signatories

Cheques will require to be signed by one signatory from the Student Association and/or two signatory from the College.
The account will be set up with the following signatories:

Student Association: President; Vice-President.
College:  Finance Manager; Head of Student Services